Fruit Preserver / Preserving Cooker

Project: Fruit Preserver / Preserving Cooker
Processes involved: stamping, painting, high temperature burning, injection molding
Lead time: 40days
Project Details: Fruit preserver, developed especially for canning small and large amounts of jars as well as for heating and serving hot beverages. 

With an automatic temperature control, a timer, a grid insert and a tap.
Equipped with a precise temperature control – infinitely variable from 30ºC to the boiling point (no additional thermometer needed);
The temperature control also has a juice extraction setting (for making juice a juice extraction top, sold separately, is needed);

How the Part / Individual Components Were Made

Step 1: Stamping
Firstly, we will use the large machinery (like below picture) to stamping the product shape, so the product appearance is basic forming.

Step 2: Painting & High temperature burning
Using specific the coating to painting the housing,and then put it into the box type furnace to burning, sintering temperature is about 880 ~ 930 ℃.

Step 3: Injection molding
We use advanced injection molding machine building plastic parts,to make sure the plastic parts good quality.

Step 4: Assembling & Finished
Assembly line work, each production process through strict quality inspection.