There are four types rice cookers in our factory. Including drum rice cookerdeluxe rice cookercylinder rice cookerlarge rice cooker. The typical rice cooker is a plug in appliance that uses electricity, timers, and precise measuring to create perfect rice. Some models utilize gas instead, and a few rice cookers are designed for use in the microwave. Most commonly though, the rice cooker will simply use one of your home outlets, and use electrically produced heat. More expensive types may have sensors, timers, settings for cooking different types of rice (white, brown or wild), and can keep rice warm for a long time without cooking it more.
Most importantly, 5 advantages of our rice cookers here:
* Automatic rice cooking and warm-keeping functions  
* Removable inner pot  
* Overheat cut off protection  
* One-touch switch for easy operation  
* Have GS, CE, CB, UL, ETL, SASO Certificate